Country of origin: Kenya, Shimoni.
Date excavated: 13/06/2011.
Age estimate: 210.000 years.
Length: 119cm Hight: 75cm Wide: 86cm
Weight: 263kg/580Ibs
Price: 14.000U$ or nearest offer.

These giant fossil clams (Tridacna Gigantea) lived along the East African coast during the later Pleistocene period. Due to a natural disaster which saw sea levels increase about 20 meters (60 feet) in just a few weeks, they didnt survive.
This mass-extinction happened around 180.000 years ago.
They are occasionally found deeply imbedded in ancient coral reefs by quarry workers while harvesting limestone.

Of late the use of GPR has proven successful locating them as they are 3 times denser than the surrounding limestone.

It can take up to 4 month excavating one of these treasures of Mother Nature.
It takes a skilled craftsman 4-8 weeks to clean, grind and polish a clamshell depending on its size.

The extinct T.Gigantea was the biggest of all, about twice the size compared to the existing giant clams (T.Gigas) that can be found in and around the South China Sea.

Since these fossil clamshells are from an extinct species worldwide export is allowed.


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