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Labradorite Drops Almond Shape 13x9m...from: Best in Gems
Rough Madagascar Sapphire Parcel 14 ...from: New Era Gems
Copper Azurite Cabochon 12x10mm Oval...from: Best in Gems
Rough Aquamarine 13.72 Cts.from: New Era Gems
Realistic Blue Sandstone Crystal Sku...from: Inner Circle
Purple Imperial Jasper Pendant Drop ...from: Beads Resources Corp
Natural Diamond ASIABR-N6889from: Asi Abir Fancy Color Diamonds
Chrysoprase Almond Shaped Drops 26x8...from: Best in Gems
Natural Diamond ASIABR-M2466from: Asi Abir Fancy Color Diamonds
Hydro Citrine Briolette Drops 24x7mm...from: Best in Gems
Blue Green Aquamarine Faceted Round ...from: Beads Resources Corp
Yellow Tiger Eye Graduated Irregular...from: Beads Resources Corp

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PREORDER Only Handmade Carved Mixed ...from: Amberman
Stilbite Ball on Chalcedony Cluster ...from: Superb Minerals USA
Phosphatodraco mauritanicusfrom: Fossilogic
Bowl, Fluorite 43 X 19.5 X 32.5from: Crystal Springs Mining Jewelry
Clockworksfrom: Nature’s Forms

Minerals/Specimens See more

Commander Mine Chrome Tourmaline - 5...from: New Era Gems
Ametrine | 8.0 cm x 20.0 cmfrom: Crystal Springs Mining Jewelry
Heulandite Flowers on Apophyllite Pl...from: Superb Minerals USA
A190 - Goldfrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
A54 - Cinnabarfrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
Amethyst, Cluster | 43 cm x 19 cm x ...from: Crystal Springs Mining Jewelry

Raw Materials

Lapis Lazuli Rough Stonefrom: Shahjee International Trade Limited
Wholesale Rough Blue Azurite 1kg lo...from: GemRocket
Wholesale Super 7 Amethyst Cluster R...from: Brazil Rock Shop
Madagascar Ruby Rough ,Gemstone / Hi...from: GemRocket
3800 Grams Natural Globe Arizona Tur...from: MAK International Stones
Amethyst & Citrine Geodesfrom: Nativa Gems

Cabochons & Beads See more

Labradorite Cabs Pear Shape 36x23x5m...from: Best in Gems
Pink Tourmaline Cabs Oval 9x7mm App...from: Best in Gems
Dark Green Turquoise Smooth Rondelle...from: Beads Resources Corp
Turquoise Machine Cut Faceted Beadsfrom: A-ONE STONES
Pink Opal Machine Cut Faceted Beadsfrom: A-ONE STONES
304 CT Genuine Persian Turquoise Cab...from: MAK International Stones

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Editor's Pick

Natural Baltic Amber Pendantfrom: Amberman
Hand Carved Unheated Green Tourmalin...from: Sino Arts & Crafts
Handmade Jewelry! Round 9.5mm Fresh ...from: Adiore Jewels
Handmade Gemstone Tree w/ Amethyst b...from: Agathas Brazilian Gems & Products
18K Pave Black Diamond Graduating Ho...from: Super Gems Jewelry
SONDER | Malachite Gold Plated Neckl...from: Arts Kingdom


EMERALD 7.6X6.5 AGMC 1.36from: PM Gems
AAA Quality Tri-Color Ammolite Round...from: Best in Gems
OPAL 21.3X17.9 OV ARBEfrom: PM Gems
1.79 ct. Squarish Cushion Pink Sapph...from: Blue Sapphire Stones
Pear Cut Pink Morganite Mozambique E...from: Ushagems
Kyanite Oval 7x5mm Approximately 2.0...from: Best in Gems


Yellow Diamond Radiant Cut 18K White...from: Takat
Black Opal Ring / Gold + Diamondsfrom: Janice Evert Opals
Diamond Round Cut 18K White Gold/Y R...from: Takat
Yellow Sapphire Octagon Cut 14K Whit...from: Takat
Silver Pendant AMMOS - Style P02, wi...from: Yianni Creations
Emerald Square Cut 18K Yellow Gold E...from: Takat

Decor/Gifts See more

Lamp, Onyx Zebra 15 x 34.5from: Crystal Springs Mining Jewelry
Twins Natural Agate Table Set, singl...from: Agathas Brazilian Gems & Products
Vase 8from: Western Woods
Magnetic Rock Floor Display - Packag...from: Western Woods
Stunning Natural Amethyst and Banded...from: Inner Circle
Spheresfrom: Sunset Minerals


Turquoise Inlay Ammonite Earringsfrom: Starborn Creations
Beautiful Hand Carved Crinoid Fossil...from: Inner Circle
Smilodon fatalisfrom: Fossilogic
Natural Oval Shape Turritella Fossil...from: Beads Resources Corp
Fossil Shark Tooth Pendantfrom: Starborn Creations
Natural Fossil Coral Faceted Rondell...from: Beads Resources Corp

Carvings See more

Crystal Horse with Mineral Specimen ...from: Elegant Gems & Minerals
Extra Large Horse Head Colombian Eme...from: Molina
Malachite soccer cupfrom: JB Krystal Art
Handcarved Couple Parrots in Blue Qu...from: Polita Marmdres
Beautiful Unakite Buddha Carvingfrom: Inner Circle
Amethyst Munsteiner 37.52 Carat 20.5...from: Elegant Gems & Minerals

Designer Corner

Alice ring combine with amethyst/ pe...from: Adiore Jewels
Take Back Your Life (Rose Gold)from: Kabartsy
Vermeil Tiger Eye and Pink Sapphire ...from: Banado's Collectibles-TKI
Navajo Repoussè Hand Stamped Earrin...from: Sunwest Silver
Ring 5 Elements AMETHYST SYMBOL Amet...from: Rozaliya Jewelry
18K White Gold Ladies Earrings With ...from: OMI JEWELRY

Vintage & Antiques

4.40 Cts Natural Rose Cut Diamond &a...from: National Gold & Diamond Center, Inc
Diamond/Emerald Lion Cuff Banglefrom: National Gold & Diamond...
Opal Pendantfrom: GemSource
Natural Green Tourmaline White Gold Ringfrom: Jupiter Gem
3.04 Carats t.w. Vintage Art Deco GI...from: National Gold & Diamond Center, Inc
4.33ct Radiant Cut Blue Sapphire Rin...from: Blue Sapphire Stones

Jewelry See more

14K White Gold Ladies Earrings With ...from: OMI JEWELRY
Emerald Cross 18Kfrom: BMG NY Inc
Paraiba Tourmaline Oval Cut 18K Whit...from: Takat
Sleeping Beauty Color Turquoise 1.80...from: Best in Gems
Orange Diamond Heart Cut 18K White G...from: Takat
18K Marquee Emerald & Diamond Pear S...from: Super Gems Jewelry

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