Decor/Gifts See more

Apple Box 4″from: Western Woods
Blue Flamefrom: The Perry Brent Davis
Celtic Owl Heat Bluedfrom: Willowsteel
Bowl, Fluorite 43 X 19.5 X 32.5from: Crystal Springs Mining
Amethyst Heart Agate On Metal Basefrom: Becker Stones
Wildlife Pewter – Moosefrom: Western Woods

Fine Jewelry

Whale Pendant/Pinfrom: GemSource
Diamond Bracelet Platinum w/ Diamondsfrom: National Gold & Diamond...
Gold Rolex GMT Master II Diamond Watchfrom: OMI JEWELRY
Natural Green Tourmaline White Gold Ringfrom: Jupiter Gem
Emerald Cross 18Kfrom: BMG NY Inc
White Gold Anchor Pendant w/ Diamondsfrom: OMI JEWELRY

Minerals/Specimens See more

ED03 – Sphene with Calcitefrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
TC10 – Liddicoatitefrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
TS18 – Tourmalinefrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
SZ11 – Smoky Quartzfrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
A465 – Fluoritefrom: Anton Watzl Minerals
/product/gu08-tourmaline/from: Anton Watzl Minerals

Sterling Silver See more

Pearl Braceletfrom: Special Concept
Sterling Silver Triquetra Knot Pendantfrom: Blake Brothers Intl
Sterling Silver Lunas 3 Earringsfrom: Maria Belen
Moon/sun earringsfrom: Blake Brothers Intl
AP-6249-S Sterling Silver Pendantfrom: Bali Designs
Sterling Silver Cross Pendantfrom: Blake Brothers Intl

Beads See more

Natural Pink Opal Spike Loose Beadsfrom: Beads Resources Corp
Dyed Jade Ruby Color Faceted Round Loose beadsfrom: Beads Resources Corp
Colorful Plated Irregular Calcite Beadsfrom: Beads Resources Corp
Matte Howlite Stone Loose Beads from: Beads Resources Corp
Baltic Amber Beaded Knotted Thread Necklacefrom: Amberman
Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Loose Beadsfrom: Beads Resources Corp

New Products See more

Handmade Amethyst Tree...from: Agathas Brazilian Gems & Products
Nice Smooth Crazy Blue Lace Agate...from: Beads Resources Corp
Natural Agate Tablefrom: Agathas Brazilian Gems & Products
Natutal Sleeping Beauty Turquoise...from: MAK Int'l Stones
Natural Unheated Green-Blue Sapphire...from: Jupiter Gem
Mixed Impression Jasper Beadsfrom: Dakota Stones

Cabochons See more

Ethiopian Black Opal Oval...from: Best in Gems
OPAL 25X15.7MM OVAL ARGEfrom: PM Gems
Lapis 14x10mm Oval Cabochonfrom: Dakota Stones
Persian Turquoise Cabochons...from: MAK Int'l Stones
Black Copper Obsidian Cabochon Oval...from: Best in Gems
Chrysocolla cabs 6mm Round...from: Best in Gems

Jewelry See more

Diamond Fancy Cut 18K White Gold Earringsfrom: Takat
Baguette Diamond Earringfrom: Super Gems Jewelry
Silver Earrings with 24k gold trims MIDASfrom: Yianni Creations
Ruby & Diamond Flat Huggy Earringfrom: Super Gems Jewelry
White Gold Multicolor Sapphire Ringfrom: Galaxy Gold
18K Baguette Sapphire & Diamond Classic Oval Earringfrom: Super Gems Jewelry

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